Distributed Tech Lead

Company Name:
Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC (DISYS)
Distributed Technical Lead
This individual will be the primary distributed technical lead for a specific product. This individual is responsible for all technical aspects of the project (including environment setup, code compilation and deployment, configuration, defect follow up, customization and training where necessary). On deployments where project managers are present, this individual will support the project manager to ensure that deployments take Gold code "from the shelf" and implement it with limited local customization. If no project manager is available the individual may assume some of the project management responsibilities. This individual will report to the Project Manager or Resource Manager. Provide design solution for business requirements ensuring the technical design conforms to standards

o Coordinate GRV code deployment
o Provide design solution for business requirements ensuring the technical design conforms to SWH standards
o Participate in the design solution for any local enhancement to ensure adherence to SWH standards with a view to potential eligibility for globalization
o Create and maintain technical documentation
o Co-ordinate mid-tier software installs
o Supply technical requirements to DBA, WAS, MQ, EAI and ADAM teams
o Oversee / trouble-shoot environment shakedown
o Consult with business partners or regional IT teams for application configuration
o Knowledge in Data Warehouse concepts, Red Hat Linux, UNIX, DB2, WAS, Control M, and Websphere
o Good command of SQL
o Review local code changes and batch schedules
o Knowledge with data extraction and transformation tool
o Conduct connectivity tests, performance tests and other tests as deemed necessary
o Oversee script execution and defect resolution as defined by project scope
o Knowledge in SWH Engineering principles
o Consult with business for application configuration
o Work with Product Manager to include defect resolution /enhancements for a future release

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